GPSA Cultural Night

May 23, 2018
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Millberry Union Event & Meeting Center

It’s approaching that time again – UCSF’s Annual Cultural Night! Cultural Night is a celebration of the diverse cultures of the UCSF community: a night to show pride in one’s background, spread awareness and recognition, and unite the university in support of those from all walks of life. This year we’re emphasizing celebration of culture through performances by YOU, the UCSF community.

We want you to show off the cultures you value, whether it’s related to your ethnicity, nationality, gender/sexuality, or beyond. Cultural Night is not solely a talent show, and we welcome all types of performances. Whether it’s playing music, dancing/teaching a dance, demonstrating a tradition, reciting poetry, showing off fashion, or simply telling a story, there are many ways to represent yourself.

If you’re interested in performing, please put your name down and join the casting call!

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